After the conference: The Family

After the conference: The Family

Card. Kazimierz Nycz – Metropolitan Archbishop of Warsaw

To make a careful diagnosis of the foundation on which we build the Polish State, in order to supplement it, or to improve it as the basis of family, social and state life in the essential functions which currently require it.

To start to treat the family “so that it would become the pupil of the eye through which the Polish State looks into its future”.

To make a cross-party consensus and to build on what our predecessors have done regarding the family. “Among domestic and state matters there should be a several issues that everyone agrees on and which should be continued by all the parties, ones that are timeless, that no one will change or start from scratch. Among these issues, the family is undoubtedly also a continuation. And it is from this perspective of continuation, very creative continuation, that we want to talk about the family. “

Jarosław Gowin – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Science and Higher Education

To conclude a cross-party and cross-political agreement on long-term support policy for Polish families. “I have one basic postulate and a prerequisite. Just as over the years there used to be a cross-party, cross-political consensus in our country regarding issues related to our efforts to join NATO and the EU, today I want to appeal to all responsible political forces, to all social groups for a similar agreement above divisions when it comes to long-term support policy for Polish families.”

To accept a perspective above all divisions concerning Catholic social teaching, “to begin to fill up the divisions, to return to an attitude of dialogue, to seek agreement, compromise”.

To accept the criterion of consensus as a criterion of true morality in the sphere of political activities.

Professor Gertruda Uścińska – President of ZUS (Social Insurance Institution)

To establish a national observatory body to monitor the implementation of the constitutionally guaranteed “welfare of the family” in the social and economic policy of the Polish State. “My proposal is to talk about such a domestic and national observatory body which could systematically evaluate, monitor not only the redistribution of income, but which, would comprehensively look after the welfare of the family in the broader sense.”

Joanna Krupska – President of the Union of Large Families “Trzy Plus”

To show appreciation for the economic value of the work of mother and father at home. “I think that in the current family policy, which has also been absent here in this debate, there is perhaps inadequate appreciation of the economic value of mother and father’s work at home. And I would say that it is clearly visible in two areas. First of all, it is clearly visible in the field of pensions. The second area of this kind of underestimation of the economic value of the mother’s work is the time when the child is young. “

To introduce a “family pension”. “I meet many women who have not just seven, but ten, sometimes eleven children, and they cry in old age. ‘My children work and they have to support me. This is unfair as I worked and my work also had economic value for the whole nation, because my children now work for pension contributions and I am a beggar. Indeed, this is so and my children are additionally burdened.’ This is an area of very clear injustice and our trade unionists point out that it would be good to construct a model that would link parents’ pensions with the work of their own children, which would restore some natural interdependence that existed before the introduction of the pension system in the family.”